Acne No More System Review

Can an eBook Help You Get Rid of Acne Fast?

I purchased the Acne No More system and two of the three one time offers (OTOs). I’m grateful that I don’t get very much acne these days. My daughter still does. And after watching his video, I’m convinced it will help me with dealing with saggy skin and continue to ward off wrinkles.

It’s promoted as being an inside out holistic approach; so I was expecting the usual drink more water. It was not that at all.

I agree with his belief that common acne solutions treat the symptoms and ignore the underlying problems. And we do get a lot of conflicting information (chocolate/hamburgers/greasy foods make your face break out. no it doesn’t. yes it does). And honestly, people have had acne problems since before we had fried food and chocolate. So I’m not on board with it being a diet related issue.

That’s what I liked about the Acne No More system. It wasn’t just about the diet.

I’m a trained engineer (no, don’t laugh, I really did get my degree in Electrical Engineering once upon a few lifetimes ago) and I do tend to look at things as systems. That’s what Acne No More does. We’re just carbon based systems.

Things I Liked

The basics were great. It was well formatted and easy to read. The images enhanced the text rather than being used as filler.

I liked how Mr. Walden spent time explaining his story and his research into what causes acne. He then smoothly transitions into his system. The following chapters break down his main points and goes into a lot more depth.

He finishes with an Appendix on eliminating scars. I liked how he examined conventional versus holistic solutions there as well.

Things I Didn’t Like

Every time I opened it up on my desktop, I had to re-enter the password. Thankfully it was easy to remember, but still, I found it annoying. It also reset where I last was when reading, and at 242 pages, it can take some time finding out where I was.  This may not be true for you, and I didn’t test it on my Nook nor my Kindle. But it was true for me on my Mac using Preview.

Will It Work for Teens

It definitely could. However, your teen has to be on board. Of course, that’s true for every treatment. In this case, since the treatment does rely quite a bit on nutrition, your teenager needs to agree on what’s going into their body.  It won’t do any good if you’re feeding them per the plan, and they sneak out with friends to eat a pizza.  You can help guide and educate, but ultimately it succeeds or fails on their actions.

And part of the plan is managing stress. This isn’t easy for anyone. If you can teach your teen the skills of coping, it will serve them well throughout their life.

So, have your teenager read the ebook and talk with them about what changes they want to make. Get them involved in the results.

And if you are a teen and you are white-hot excited about this but your parents aren’t, remember to tell them that it’s teaching you solid life skills and is an inexpensive investment in you.

Will It Work for Adults

Similar to a teen, this won’t work if you’re not committed to following it completely. In the beginning, it needs to be 100% on plan. At some point in the future, when your body has gotten back to a balance, you could probably switch to an 80/20 balance. Of course, after following the plan, you may never want to go back to the old way of living.

Are The Upsells Worth It

The cookbook had 20 pages of detailed information on his ten rules for planning and preparing an effective acne-free diet. Then there were good sample menus which I loved. It showed really well how to put things together.

And then there were a lot of recipes broken down into Breakfast, Appetizers, Salads & Dressings, Main Courses, Side Dishes, Soups, Desserts, and Beverages. They were all things I would enjoy eating, and the few recipes I’ve tried so far turned out quite well. So I do recommend this.

I also got Secrets of Great Skin. It was OK. I think it used to be called Getting to Know the Skin You’re In as that was in the introduction. I didn’t think it was well formatted or as well researched and don’t think I’d recommend it.


Acne No More is a lifestyle not a quick solution. It helps your body get back into balance and stop overproducing sebum. It also keeps your skin healthy for the rest of your life which reduces sagging and wrinkles.

Did I agree with everything? No. I do know he did some thorough research, and he’s living what he’s teaching, and I admire that. Every body is different. I think he’s correct in that we have to be aware of the garbage we’re putting into our bodies.

Personally, if I were a teen with acne, I’d still want to use an acne treatment system. And I’d hope my mom or dad would encourage me to look carefully at my diet, stress, etc. to have a healthy body overall and learn how to make smarter choices.

And finally, since you’re healing the tree through the roots, you need to be patient. It will take longer to see results. Just remember that the clear skin and healthier body will last longer. And overall, it’s cheaper than buying a new kit every 60 days.

It’s worth a read.