Blue Light Therapy For Acne

Blue Light Therapy For Acne

Blue light therapy for healing acne is a new technology in the medical field as far as acne treatment is concerned. There have been many different research projects on the study of blue light therapy and most of them have come to the conclusion that this form of treatment is indeed effective. This finding is good news for acne patients for whom treatment and conventional therapies have not worked for them.

What is blue light therapy?

getridofacnefastBlue light therapy uses LEDs to be effective. This therapy is a form of photo rejuvenation since it has been proved by NASA that LEDs light regenerates cells in this case, the skin cells. It has also been used extensively for anti-aging.

How does it work?

There are various causes that lead to acne formation. These causes might be hormones, diet, genetics, etc. The major cause is blockage of the skin organs and follicles which produce hair. The follicles hold the sebaceous glands which produces sebum. Excess production of sebum will provide a suitable environment for acne bacteria to develop and propagate which eventually will form nodules, inflamed lesions, large pores and papules.

The acne causing bacteria absorb light from the LEDs, leading to growth of a group of compounds which release oxygen. The released oxygen gas kills the acne causing bacteria thus regular use of blue light therapy for acne reduces inflammations on the skin.

Here are some obvious benefits that come with acne blue light therapy.

  • The process is non-invasive and completely natural.
  • There are no known side effects of this form of therapy since it does not involve the use of any drugs.
  • It has been scientifically proven that this therapy is suitable and safe for all ages and can be used on a regular basis.


  1. The affected area might swell and become dry.
  2. Skin pigmentation on the affected area
  3. While these disadvantages are temporary and superficial, blue light therapy is not recommended for nodulocystic acne patients.
  4. Blue light therapy for acne is the latest trend in medical field and has been increasingly popular thanks to television advertisements and the ever growing informative information on the internet.

Acne concept.

Where to get blue light therapy

An acne patient can get this type of cystic acne treatment at a spa or consult a dermatologist. It will cost a few hundred dollars. However, technological advancement over the years has enabled people to own a blue light lamp. This devices help acne patient’s get treatment from the comfort of their homes.

What to look for when purchasing blue light therapy acne lamp

There are various designs of these types of lamps. They can be handheld, stand lamps and table top lamps. It just depends with one’s taste and how he/she wants to use the device.

People who intend to use at their homes can choose to have hand-held or mains powered devices.

Blue light therapy has proven to be effective and successful in preventing and reversing acne vulgaris cases in patients who have used this form of treatment. Additionally, this can be used by many people of all ages on a daily basis.