Exposed Skin Care Review

Would You Try Exposed Skin Care?

I’ll start this off with a disclaimer. I received a full size package from Exposed Skin Care in order to review it. For free. I paid my teenage daughter $25 to test it out.

I was pretty impressed with what arrived. The kit came in a lovely box with full sized products.

Balanced and Strong

My daughter tried it out and liked how easy it was to use. The Body Wash bottle was shaped nicely for the shower and wasn’t bulky or awkward.

It was easy to squeeze the Acne Treatment Serum, and it had a small enough footprint that it could easily fit on her already crazy full counter.

She felt a bit of tingling about an hour afterwards. It wasn’t uncomfortable, and I counseled her to skip the Acne Treatment Serum or the wash until her skin got used to it.

I did try it out too even though I don’t have acne anymore. The products were very well balanced with one another (I did read the ingredients). That’s definitely one of the reasons why you should look into systems is that all of the products are designed to work together to clear your acne.

I must say it was very strong. If you have sensitive skin, like my daughter, then I’d recommend starting out even slower then they recommend.

Good for Sensitive Skin?

Also, my body is very sensitive to benzoyl peroxide. I couldn’t use it when I was a teenager because I’d get these huge water blisters over my eye. The purity of the Acne Treatment Serum was excellent. I didn’t have any problems or reactions to it.

The kit did have a Quick Start Guide for the body wash, acne treatment syrum and the special Derm-X cloth. And they also had a note to be patient because acne won’t clear up overnight, and often does look worse before it gets better. On the back side of the card were some tips for reducing acne.

Your body is a system and the more you can clean out and balance the insides, the sooner the outsides will look better.

There were also coupons for future purchases.

The ProductsExposed Skincare

The Body Wash is a clear gel cleanser with a small amount of granules in it to provide a light scrub. My daughter thought it smelled like peppermint. I thought it smelled like the tea tree oil that’s in it. Pleasant either way.

The Acne Treatment Serum was a light cream that went on easily. It didn’t feel greasy, and absorbed into the skin quickly. It smelled a little of benzoyl peroxide but not overly so, and the scent didn’t last at all.

I loved the Derm-X which is a high quality cloth towel that’s nice and long and not too wide. It’s perfect for scrubbing your own back.

What’s In It?

Exposed Skin Care was developed by a team of experts including dermatologists, cosmetologists, and naturopaths. Their goal was to have a natural system that balances out your skin. The blend of ingredients unclog blocked pores of blackheads and whiteheads while killing acne-causing bacteria. By returning your skin to its normal levels of sebum production, your body is able to heal skin lesions while also reducing redness and irritation and reducing chances of scarring.

How To Use It?

You use the Body Wash daily in the shower or bath using your bare hands and focusing on your breakout areas, and then rinse well.

You use a small amount of the Acne Treatment Serum over the entire blemish prone area. (remember: it’s strong). Then you must let it dry for a full 3-5 minutes otherwise, it could discolor your clothes.

The Derm-X is used in the shower or bath after your skin has been cleansed 2-3 times per week to gently massage off the dead skin. But do be gentle with it.

The first two weeks will be an adjustment for your skin, so remember to use the products sparingly and gently ramp up so the healing can begin.

Would I Buy?

If I had back or chest acne like when I was a teenager or in my 20s, you bet. The fact that I didn’t react at all to the Acne Treatment Serum is a huge plus. It tells me that this product has very pure ingredients and is well balanced. I’ll be swiping some of the serum from my daughter when I get those facial zits every thirty days or so.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase online. Right now you can Save 40% On A Kit Today!

If you click on one of my affiliate links, I will make a commission if there’s a sale. You can read their Exposed Skincare Success Stories and decide for yourself if you want to try it out. They do have a full money back guarantee.