Proactiv Solution Review

Would You Try Proactiv?

I used Proactiv Solution 5-piece kit for about five years in my 30s. It helped reduce my breakouts during my cycle. I didn’t have back or chest acne so I didn’t use it for that.

I really loved the mud mask. It felt like a spa party on the days I chose to use it.

The products didn’t smell bad like the acne products in the 80s. (whew, chemical bombs!)

I got my daughter using Proactiv in her early teens. Unfortunately, she had cystic acne and it did not work well and I had to bring her for more advanced treatment. You can read more about her experience with Accutane here.

Good for Sensitive Skin?

It worked well on my sensitive skin. I didn’t have any problems with water blisters over my eyes like I usually get with acne products. It was gentle on my daughter’s skin as well and didn’t cause any itching or burning.

You still need to slowly ease into the routine to let your skin get used to it.

The Products

There are a few different types of Proactiv out there.


Proactiv is based on benzoyl peroxide which is very effective at combating acne. But it can be rough on sensitive skin.


Proactiv+ was developed with salicylic acid and may not work as quickly, but it will be more gentle on your skin. There are two kits you can research.

What’s In It?

Well, it depends upon which kit you purchase. The basic kits have the cleanser, toner and treatment. Each pack contains detailed information as to how to use it.

There are larger kits that have additional products like my favorite clay mask.

The key for Proactiv and Proactiv+ is that it ensures the skin stays moisturized. Often, people dry out their skin thinking it will clear up the acne. What they don’t realize is that kicks your glands into high gear pumping out more oil. So, it’s good to have a balanced system that clears up the acne and keeps your skin and glands calm.

Would I Buy It?

I did for many years. I would buy it again if I had acne. I would buy it for my daughter if her face started breaking out again. It’s a solid product.

Where to Buy It?

You can find Proactiv and Proactiv+ at kiosks in most malls. I’ve even seen it in a vending machine.

Leave a comment if you’ve tried the new Proactiv+ and what you think about it!