How to Save Your Skin with Natural Acne Cures

How to Save Your Skin with Natural Acne Cures

Hey Pepperoni! Pizza Face, what’s up? Dude, your face is bleeding!

Oh, you’ve heard it all. Since you entered the painful years of adolescence, your skin has turned against you, producing hideous boils that make others shudder in disgust. Your parents told you it was just ‘your awkward years’, and that you’d get through them with admirable gusto and courage. Today, you still wrap your entire body in a shawl before you go outside and explain to people that you are not a follower of Islam. The acne hasn’t disappeared. You yearn for a natural cures for acne. Your awkward years have lengthened into a nightmarish life with no respite in sight. Your acne has held you back from making any meaningful relationships, as others tend to immediately vomit upon sight of your freakish condition. Everyday, you stare in the mirror and pray for an end, any end, to come. Natural cures for acne are the solution that you need.

Well, my friend, that end is here. Your angsty despair is almost at an end. There are a number of natural cures for acne that can eliminate your skin’s predisposition towards vulgarity. First, understand what your condition actually is. Your skin is covered by follicles, from which hair tends to sprout. When these follicles become blocked, those blackheads, whiteheads, pinheads, and pimples that characterize acne will result. These follicles can become blocked by sebum, a naturally occurring oil that increases in production during puberty, which is why you’re parents assured you that you were just in a phase.

Natural cures for acne tend to deal as best they can with that pesky sebum, whisking it away into a region far far away from the your skin and leaving it as smooth as your derriere was when you were a wee child.

Tea tree oil is a popular natural acne cure that will deal with your skin’s pesky sebum. It contains five percent benzoyl peroxide that will reduce breakouts and deal with inflammation. This natural acne cure can develop breasts in young boys so beware.

Honey  can be great for getting rid of acne scars as well as clearing up your acne. Honey has antibacterial properties. 

Smash up fresh garlic into a paste, apply to your acne and leave it on for half an hour. Like honey, natural garlic is full of natural antibiotics.

live oil great for removing acne scars over night it’s also a great cleanser and moisturizer it’s a highly recommened home remedy. It may seem counterintuitive to put oil on your face, but sometimes when you strip the oil from your face, it causes the oil glands to pump out even more of the bad kind of oil.

Chilled cucumber has soothing properties help get rid of acne overnight. Sice the end off of a chilled cucumber, and apply the cut end to your acne. Leave it on until it’s no longer cool. Put it back into the fridge until it’s chilled, and repeat twice more before you go to bed. 


Other natural cures for acne include zinc supplements and brewer’s yeast. Zinc supplements are given to people with wounds that need healing, and they can help reduce inflammation which will in turn help prevent acne breakouts. You can take the zinc supplements with a meal to help get past the bad taste and you can also mix zinc with lotions and creams for a topical treatment. A certain strain of Brewer’s yeast will help you as well. CBS 5926 is that strain, and will help reduce inflammation as well.

Your continued acne may also be a result of malnutrition. Begin to take multi-vitamins that will help your body and your face. Your skin will begin to glow as a result.

Never fear, there are many natural acne cures that will save you from yourself. Natural acne cures will help your body and your real life relations so make sure to put it on today’s to do list.


Photo Credit: Siona Karen